Students must wear the school uniform at all times, including travel to and from the school. The uniform consists of: a school cardigan; grey slacks or kilt; white blouse or shirt; school tie; and a fall/spring jacket. A school overcoat is also to be worn during the winter season. The uniform is available from an official school supplier.

  • * Burgundy Crested cardigan
  • * Grey kilt (girls)
  • * Grey knee high shorts (boys-optional)
  • * Grey slacks (boys and girls)
  • White blouse/shirt
  • Grey knee socks (girls)
  • Grey socks (boys)
  • * School tie
  • * School V-Neck sweater (optional)
  • * School winter coat
  • * School fall/spring jacket
  • Regular leather top, low cut shoes with non-marking soles (burgundy, brown or black)
  • * Gym shorts and sweat pants
  • * Gym T-shirt and sweatshirt
  • White socks

* Must be purchased from the Official supplier

Texts, workbooks, and computer materials are available at the school in August and throughout the school year. The cost of these items is assumed by the student.

L'Entreprise Mazzola provides a nutritious warm meal at lunchtime or students can bring a lunch to school. A student lounge will be provided. Three microwaves are available on the premises.

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from school. The school supplies a directory to all families in August and car pools may be arranged if public transportation is inconvenient.