Social distancing: Classrooms are adjusted to allow a minimum of 2 metres between students and teachers. Classroom size is limited to 14 students.
Body temperature reading: All students receive a temperature reading when they enter the school building.
Hand sanitizing: Students have their hands sanitizes when entering the building in the morning and every time they enter a classroom during the day.
Masks and shields: When the 2 metres distancing cannot be assured (ex: transition periods), the students wear the face mask and shield.
School Building: Our cleaning contractor has prepared a plan to assure a safe and thorough disinfection of the entire school every night after the regular cleaning of the school is completed.


The following protocols are implemented to protect our students and staff members while allowing social interactions that are as close to a normal school life as can be possible during the pandemic. I am confident that our students will adapt (as Canadians always do) to this challenging situation.

These protocols are printed inside the student’s school agenda. Parents should print a copy for their child and have them become familiar with the information.


  • If possible, the grade 7 students arrive between 7:45 and 8:00.
  • If possible, the grade 8 students arrive between 8:00 and 8:15.
  • Students enter two at a time wearing a face mask and face shield.
  • Students change their shoes and put their coat on their designated hook and then sanitize their hands.
  • Students follow the directional arrows to their lockers, prepare their books for the first periods and enter their classroom.
  • Students are able to socialize between classmates and teachers while wearing the mask and face shield
  • When the class starts at 8:20 the mask and shield can be taken off because of the proper distancing between students in the classroom.


  • Students sanitize their hands at the entrance and wear the face mask and shield when using the washroom. The main washroom door remains open.
  • Girls have two cubicles and two sinks with only two girls at a time in the washroom.
  • Boys have two cubicles, no urinals and two sinks with only two boys at a time in the washroom.
  • Students wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and exit the washroom.
  • The washroom will be wiped clean at the end of each break period (heavily used surfaces only).


  • Students follow the directional arrows to get to their classroom.
  • Students sanitize their hands at the entrance and proceed to their assigned seat where they can remove the face mask and shield.
  • Assigned seats can be changed but never during the same day.
  • The classroom door will be opened and closed by the teacher only.


  • Students put on their face mask and shield, follow the order and direction indicated by the teacher.
  • The teacher sanitizes the surfaces of desks/tables before allowing the next group to enter the classroom.


  • One designated group (ex. Grade 7a & 7b) puts on their mask and shield and goes to their locker to exchange books for their next classes and return to their desk for snack and social time.
  • The other group (ex. Grade 8a & 8b) has their snack and social time first and then has time to exchange their books at their locker before going to the next class.


  • The building opens in the morning at 7:30 am and closes at 5:00 pm in the afternoon.
  • The homeroom class for attendance is at 8:20 am to 8:25 am.
  • The day schedule has been adjusted to permit students to stay in the same classroom, as much as possible.
  • Teachers will be moving to different groups, as much as possible.


  • Students wear a face mask and shield when they are at the lockers and permission to access lockers is organized by class.


  • The lunch period is 35 minutes.
  • The first 20 minutes is to eat lunch in assigned rooms and to prepare books for the afternoon classes. In the second 15-minute period, the students have the option of going outside or staying inside and having personal time. Inside the school, students wear the mask and shield; outside the school, they wear the mask only and exercise the 2m distancing protocol.
  • When eating their lunch, students are in assigned seats that are 2m apart and can remove their mask and shield.


  • Students are not allowed to drink from the water fountain.
  • In their backpack, students will carry a personal water bottle which can be filled at the water stations in the kitchen and room 3.
  • A sanitizing station is located beside the water station. Students must sanitize their hands before touching the handle on the water faucets.


  • On the day that the student has physical education, he or she will arrive at school in the morning wearing the MCA physical education clothing. This eliminates the dressing room safety issue for physical education. (Physical education is always at the end of the school day)
  • Indoor and outdoor activities in phys. ed. will be adapted to follow Covid-19 safety procedures.


  • The study period time is every day in the 30-minute portion of every academic course that day.
  • A second optional study period is available in the main hall with a teacher present every day from 4:00 to 5:00.
  • Every study period takes place in a room where the 2 metres distancing is respected. A face mask and shield will be worn only when a student is working one on one with a teacher.


  • At 3:35, students not in phys. ed. are instructed to prepare in different groups to leave for home or get organised for the second study period.
  • At 3:45, students arriving from phys. ed. prepare in different groups to leave for home or get ready for the second study period.
  • Socializing outside the school, after school hours, is not permitted.
  • Parents must wait for their child outside the school building.


  • Parents cannot enter the school when dropping off or picking up students.
  • The front door will be locked at 8:25 am. Late students and/or visitors will need to ring the front doorbell and a staff member will meet them at the door. Visitors must accept to follow the Covid-19 MCA protocols to enter the building.
  • When picking up a student between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm (after school study period) please call the school (613 744-8898) and a staff member will inform your child that you are outside and ready for their pickup.
  • If a parent needs to meet with a member of our staff please email or call and we will set up a meeting with you.


  • As per our school rules, a student’s cell phone must be turned off and out of sight during the day at MCA.
  • This year because of sanitizing issues, students who have a cell phone will be able to call/text their parents from the office (only) to contact their parents.
  • If a student must contact his/her parent but does not have a cell phone, he/she will be able to use the # 2 office line (as in the past). The office phone is be disinfected before and after every use.
  • Students need to ask permission to use their cell phone and/or the MCA student land line.


  • Our students have their body temperature verified with a non-contact infrared thermometer when they walk into the school in the morning.
  • If a student shows up at school with a fever, he/she will be isolated. The parents will be called to pick up the student.
  • To prevent any unpleasant surprises, I would recommend that parents verify their child for any Covid-19 symptoms (including fever) before they are sent to school.


  • The student is automatically isolated.
  • A single staff member cares for the student while waiting for the parent.
  • An emergency kit containing the necessary materials (masks, glasses, gloves, etc.) is used.
  • The student’s parents are contacted so that the student can return home, where they are to stay until they have recovered.
  • Students and staff should take the following steps if they are unsure of their health the morning of a school day (or any other day).
    1. Take this self-assessment online at  if you’re worried you were exposed to COVID-19 or have symptoms.
    2. You will get a recommendation on what to do next.
    3. You can also take it on behalf of someone else.
  • The student will continue his/her schooling online, live, if the parent requests it and based on the student’s capacity.
  • The school will quickly contact the regional public health authorities, who will complete an epidemiological survey and determine any action to be taken, based on various criteria (contact with other students, compliance with health guidelines).
  • The parent must take one of the following actions:
    1. Go online to: for a self assessment and follow guidance
    2. Contact their family doctor for guidance
    3. Visit an Ottawa Public Health Covid-19 Assessment Centre and Care Clinic. These actions must be done as soon as possible and follow the public health guidelines that are provided. The student showing symptoms must remain in isolation at home until public health guidelines have been received.
  • If the student tests positive for COVID-19, the public health authorities will determine the close contacts that occurred at the school, with help from the administration, teachers, school staff and the student concerned or their parents. Based on the level of risk, contacts will be informed by letter and guidelines will be communicated.
  • The school will contact only the parents of students who were in contact with the student who tested positive for COVID-19.